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Sexy Men's Glove Brief Back Underwear #201

Sexy Men's Glove Brief Back Underwear #201

Sexy Men's Glove Brief Back Underwear #201
Sexy Mens Stretchy Brief Underwear with extended Penis Glove.

The Penis Glove Length is 4 inch, Stretch to 6 inch.

One size fit most. This waist fit size 28"-38".
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  • Author: mydickishard
    I reallly love these briefs. I also substitute them for swim wear at the beaches. I get lots of good comments about the product and they're all good. The fit is perfect and I get pretty horny wearing these and showing them off to whoever wants to see them.
  • Author: David Z
    Love the fabric and cutting. Very comfortable.
  • Author: Timothy
    I love these! I am a size 32 waist and these fit wonderfully. Perfect fit and so fun. It can be just a little challenging to get your junk into the sleeve, but once you do they look great!
  • Author: Monte
    Very comfortable! I am a size 33 waist and being in-between normal sizes this was a good fit. I bought them to go under my biking singlet and they work great. Full back covering is narrow, could stand to be a bit more covering but other wise awesome brief and fun to ware.
  • Author: Ralph Brooks
    Best versatile underwear sight I have seen. Also affordable prices. Plus they wear good.
  • Author: bonzo
    Great fit the only thing is I had to cut the tip off so I could get it all in it..G/F loves the look anyway and so do I...A little on the tight side with a little work we got it all in anyway. Guys with a bigger package will love the fit..Have her help you get it on and off LoL
  • Author: happydude :)
    Finally an underwear that do justice to the male anatomy!!

    Slowly putting your junk in feels great... the fabric is soft and it tickles the penis head a little. First, your brain doesn't fully understand what's going on... you feel nude and not at the same time. Then you get instantly hard on the moment after. I was in front of my girlfriend and she laughed hard at me. It makes me felt so pathetic... she even took a picture and sent a snapchat to her girlfriends, saying look at my little sissy. Now how humiliating this is! Strangely, my heart started to pound strongly and heat started to climb up all my body, it felt so great... I guess this is how males like to be dealt with.

    During my first night I've been hard the whole time like never before. What I and my girlfriend like is that now my sweaty, smelly and gluey scrotum sack don't stick to my and her legs anymore (she was tired of saying put your repulsive hot crap away all night long). Now there is enough room to put them all in, away of the place, and as far of the body as possible. I almost feel free like a women now, like having no testicles anymore! It's much more comfortable and I still can reproduce.

    The day after, when I woke up, there was juicy leaks in the sleeve end like if I had a wet dream. I'm a cut guy and my penis have always rubbed against my underwear's fabric and pubic hair my whole life and now with those marvellous briefs, I can finally preserve the sensitive skin away in that pouch. My little wee-wee have never been sensitive like this ever before. This currently combined with a hot piss is a great sensation! I feel like I could push and spurt 10 liters of semen out of my body to get rid of that man juice in my stomach but all my girlfriend is doing is teasing me and she keeps putting my hand away whenever I try to touch it saying NO! I guess I'm locked in that sleeve until the end of time.

    Now today we must go to the shopping center but I am very stressed to walk with that thing flicking back and forth between my legs in public. My heart is pounding a lot and I feel like one dirty pig. My girlfriend said I will have to deal with that thing no matter what even if it's an erected boner pointing up in deep space. I replied it's a constant fight having to condition the brain against thinking about dirty things testosterone lead us into everytime we look at an ass or whatever, but she said she don't give a dim. She says a man's bulge must be shown because it's about time males start to accept their body just as womens with their boobs.

    I am one happy customer. I couldn't recommend them enough especially if you're a cut guy. It keeps the sensitive skin away from clothes rubbing and pubic hair. The scrotum pouch put the whole package out of the way and no more sweaty, smelly and gluey scrotum on your legs. You will feel almost dick-less. The only downside is that in public it will probably looks a little apparent, like going full commando but I've yet to try it. I now plan to bought several of them and wear them on a daily basis. Every man should have one in their wardrobe, it's very comfortable to wear. I don't understand why I didn't bought this before. 5/5 definitely!
  • Author: Sex Pants
    I get hard just putting them on! Have to l
    let it go down to get it all the way in. Fun to walk around looking at it!
  • Author: Thomas Maryanski
    Just looking and I'm getting hard

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