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Sexy Mens Stretch See-Thru G-string Underwear

Sexy Mens Stretch See-Thru G-string Underwear

Sexy Mens Stretch See-Thru G-string Underwear
Sexy Mens Stretch See-Thru w/Rings G-String Underwear.

Color in See-Thru Pink. 90% Nylon 10% Spandex.

One size fit most. This item is suitable for waist size 26"-38".
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  • Author: Restoredude
    Love the material and see through look. However, I have a normal size dick an balls and the pouch is only large enough to hold my dick. Would love to see this with a larger pouch and other colors.
  • Author: OlgaMlo
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  • Author: michael
    does not even fit the small endowed, due to lack of material in front. It would fit a woman , but not a man
  • Author: freelance
    You guys must be hung like horses. I had plenty of room, but I have to wear it low-slung in front.
  • Author: WsmpjjiShome
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